0.WA.L’s debut album out soon!

0.WA.L will be in Girona at the EstudisGround studio at the end of August to record their debut album.
Artwork by Roman Ermolaev.

Otherwise We Are Lost a.k.a. 0.WA.L gathers a young generation of musicians eager to make no compromise.
0.WA.L operates in a kinematic universe within a capricious climate, experienced by the breath of improvisation, widening gaps, embrassing this unstable atmosphere where acts prevail… to finally proclaim:
Rémi Ploton – piano, synthesizer
Charley Rose – alto saxophone, voice
Louis Navarro – double bass
Samuel Mastorakis – vibes, live electronics
Tancrede D.Kummer – drums, compositions
“Dance! Dance! Otherwise we are lost. “

– P. Bausch

Having worked together in a wide range of combinations, all members brings along its affiliations to different scenes in the field of improvised music, electronics, noise, or classical, which echoes in their ability to dialogue inexhaustibly.
The project constantly grows towards the idea of playing original material where complex frames and freeness merges into one core: the necessity of movement.